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Redux Labs was a start-up company based in St.Neots, England that created and developed a disruptive technology that enabled customisable, high-resolution haptic feedback and speaker-less surround sound audio. Its technology was based on patented bending wave techniques that accurately control sonic waves across a flat or curved surface in order to create a high-quality sound and deliver a customisable haptic effect to a specific coordinate on the device, such as a screen, panel or steering wheel.


The technology was created for mobile and consumer devices, home appliances, automotive and aerospace applications but could be tailored to almost any bespoke application and worked with leading brands in the consumer technology and automotive markets.

As part of a small and creative engineering team, I developed transducers and DSP system EQ / voicing for both consumer and automotive technology demonstrators to prove the concept of the innovative technology to interested OEMs.


Technology demonstrators were created to play music and generate localised, haptic feedback via a tablet device, which incorparated miniature actuators that vibrated the screen and effectively turn it into a loudspeaker. This technology was scaled down to a smartphone demonstrator that eliminated the need for microspeakers and free up more space for batteries and other important components and because apertures were no longer required to allow the output from loudspeakers, created a waterproof device.