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Land Rover launched the all-new Range Rover in September 2013. The fourth generation of the iconic Range Rover line is the ultimate luxury SUV and featured the World’s first 3D surround sound audio system with Meridian Audio proprietary Trifield 3D DSP technology.

The Meridian™ 380W Sound System has 13 speakers positioned throughout the cabin and the 825W Surround Sound System has a further 6 speakers to provide surround and centre channel signals.

The Meridian™ 1,700W Signature Reference System created specifically for the Range Rover was the world’s first 3D in-car audio system. A further 6 speakers are provided for dedicated seat back centre modules and 4 height speakers located in the roof lining, coupled with Meridian’s unique Trifield 3D processing technology, deliver an authentic musical experience for both driver and passengers.

Audio System Specifications

Meridian Sound System

380 Watts      11 Speakers      Stereo

Meridian Surround Sound System

825 Watts 17 Speakers Trifield

Meridian Signature Reference System

1,700 Watts 29 Speakers Trifield 3D


  Digital Signal Processing

Digital, active DSP crossovers were designed to distribute music to each speaker giving higher overall quality, less power use, and the performance of Meridian consumer loudspeakers.


Meridian’s exclusive Trifield technology blends the centre and surround channels seamlessly with the left and right channels to deliver a consistent, concert-like experience, optimised for all seating positions.

Trifield 3D  Trifield 3D

Building upon the proven Trifield technology, Meridian Trifield 3D is a world’s first technology that adds dedicated height channels located in the roof lining to provide a realistic portrayal of image height to the musical performance. The Meridian™ 1,700W Signature Reference System also has dedicated seat back centre loudspeakers located in the front seats to provide rear seat passengers with their own centre channel reproduction.


  Seat Back Centre Loudspeakers

A loudspeaker module containg two midrange speakers and one tweeter in the rear of each seat back recreates the centre channel output for the rear seat passengers using Trifield processing technology. These seat back centre loudspeakers are included as part of the Meridian Signature Reference Sound System  reproduction.

  Meridian Cabin Correction

Meridian Cabin Correction technology optimises the audio system by measuring the acoustic time domain of the cabin and correcting the low frequency response preserving the timing and natural rhythm of a musical performance ensuring that bass notes to be reproduced cleanly.

  Digital Dither Shaping

Meridian Digital Dither Shaping is based upon psychoacoustic research to arrive at critically calculated noise shaping filters which provides an incredibly silent background to the recordings improving dynamic range and maximising musical detail.


“So, how does the Meridian Signature Reference System sound? In a word, glorious. The quality of sound invited comparison not with other automotive audio, but with high-end home-audio systems.”
– Robert Harley,The Absolute Sound, Jan 2014.

“One of the best in-car audio experiences you’re ever likely to encounter, courtesy of Meridian.”
– Steve Fowler, Auto Express, Nov 2012.

“The 29-speaker sound system is exceptionally good, having been engineered by renowned sonic experts Meridian, and it’s possibly the best I have ever heard.”
– Kevin Hackett, The National, Nov 2012

“The stereo is quite simply the best I’ve ever encountered.”
– Jeremy Clarkson, The Sunday Times, Dec 2012

“The icing on the cake is the Meridian sound system, of which there are three available… it has to be the best car audio system we’ve ever experienced.”
– Eric Gallina, Pocket-lint, Oct 2012.

“Some surround systems can sound false with sonic gaps as different musical elements are sent to the different speakers. But using Meridian’s Trifield 3D tech, it sounds smoother, richer and more enveloping. It’s very clever and very enjoyable. As art director Darren Wilson said when he borrowed the car recently, you discover bits in music tracks you’ve never heard before.”
– Steve Fowler, Auto Express, Sep 2014.

“All I know is that Lars was attacking my head with his kit. In the 825 watt version In a very good way. The Meridian system is not an option. It is a must have. But now I really have to try the 1700 watt version because the 825 watt version is that darn good.”
– Brett Solomon, Technology Tell, Jul 2013.

“In the Range Rover , Range Rover Sport , and Jaguar F-type , we were treated to glorious audio reproduction, a balanced and rich sound that brought out the nuances in music. Even in the confined spaces of a car, and fed a variety of digital audio sources, the Meridian systems shine brightly.”
– CNET 2013 Car Tech Awards, Dec 2013

CNET 2013 Tech Car Winner Award

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