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The Range Rover Sport was borne from the Range Stormer concept car introduced at the 2004 North American International Auto Show featuring a short wheelbase 3-door coupè to offer a “sporty” design. Land Rover launched the second generation Range Rover Sport in November 2013 which featured the World’s first 3D surround sound audio system with Meridian Audio proprietary Trifield 3D DSP technology.

The Meridian™ 825W Surround Sound System has 19 speakers positioned throughout the cabin to provide surround and centre channel signals.

The Meridian™ 1,700W Signature Reference System created specifically for the Range Rover was the world’s first 3D in-car audio system. 23 speakers including height speakers located in the roof lining, coupled with Meridian’s unique Trifield 3D processing technology produces a holographic musical experience for both driver and passengers.

Audio System Specifications

Meridian Surround Sound System

825 Watts      17 Speakers      Trifield

Meridian Signature Reference System

1,700 Watts      23 Speakers      Trifield 3D


  Digital Signal Processing

Digital, active DSP crossovers were designed to distribute music to each speaker giving higher overall quality, less power use, and the performance of Meridian consumer loudspeakers.


Meridian’s exclusive Trifield technology blends the centre and surround channels seamlessly with the left and right channels to deliver a consistent, concert-like experience, optimised for all seating positions.

Trifield 3D   Trifield 3D

Building upon the proven Trifield technology, Meridian Trifield 3D is a world’s first technology that adds dedicated height channels located in the roof lining to provide a realistic portrayal of image height to the musical performance. The Meridian™ 1,700W Signature Reference System also has dedicated seat back centre loudspeakers located in the front seats to provide rear seat passengers with their own centre channel reproduction.

  Meridian Cabin Correction

Meridian Cabin Correction technology optimises the audio system by measuring the acoustic time domain of the cabin and correcting the low frequency response preserving the timing and natural rhythm of a musical performance ensuring that bass notes to be reproduced cleanly.

  Digital Dither Shaping

Meridian Digital Dither Shaping is based upon psychoacoustic research to arrive at critically calculated noise shaping filters which provides an incredibly silent background to the recordings improving dynamic range and maximising musical detail.


“I played music from all the usual digital sources — satellite radio, Bluetooth streaming, and the car’s USB port — and for each the sound came through with excellent clarity and full-frequency reproduction. As with any really good system, I was hearing notes and instruments in tracks I played that get buried in lesser systems. The 825-watt amp gave the sound a rich depth and made bass palpable in the cabin.”
– Josh Miller, CNET, Sep 2013

“And rock it does. Thanks to all of the DSP modeling performed by Meridian, an expert in this technology, each one of those 29 speakers is custom tuned to the Sport’s luxurious cabin. Cranking up the new Nine Inch Nails album Hesitation Marks conveys the sheer industrial energy present on this disc, and even at near maximum volume, nothing in the Sport’s cabin rattles or makes any kind of mechanical noise.

Next up, it’s classic Scorpions—Love at First Sting. It might be a little bit out of character for this proper British vehicle to be blasting “Rock You Like a Hurricane,” but again the Meridian system delivers the goods, providing maximum SPL and minimum distortion. Seriously, this system can generate major sound pressure, so we’ll leave it up to you to establish your own definitions of reasonable and prudent while behind the wheel.”
– Jeff Dorgay, Tone Audio, Dec 2013

“We’ve banged on about the quality of JLR’s Meridian hi-fi system in the past. Clearly someone in the press office was reading, because this time they pulled out all the stops and sent us a test car equipped with the optional Super Premium 1700W Audio System. Which is a £5,000 option. We’ll just let that sink in.

Is it worth it? Who knows, because we can’t tell you what the standard system’s like in this car. All we can say is that this top-of-the-range system has sound quality beyond any other we’ve experienced in a car, except a Jaguar. Which happens to be made by the same people. Coincidence? We think not. And it’s worth noting too that while £5,000 might baldly seem like a silly amount of money for a car audio system, it’s actually a good deal cheaper than many of the top-of-the-range systems you can option in the German brands.”
– Joe Simpson, Pocket-Lint, Apr 2014

“The Range Rover’s in-cabin tech strong point is its Meridian premium audio system, with 825 watts powering 19 speakers. The sound was among the best we’ve heard in the segment.”
– Doug Newcomb, PCMag UK, Jan 2015

“In the Range Rover , Range Rover Sport , and Jaguar F-type , we were treated to glorious audio reproduction, a balanced and rich sound that brought out the nuances in music. Even in the confined spaces of a car, and fed a variety of digital audio sources, the Meridian systems shine brightly.”
– CNET 2013 Car Tech Awards, Dec 2013

“There are other things too that we like about the SVR like the Meridian Audio system, which incidentally is one of the best car audio setups in the world…”
– Cyrus Dhabhar, Zigheels.com, Jun 2016

“The Meridian audio system with 19 speakers and an output of 825 watts is simply amazing, with crisp wonderful sound. The Brits certainly do have a knack for building luxury vehicles.”
– Danny Geraghty , The Car Guide, Sep 2016

“Given the fine competition here and how eminently listenable those systems proved, it’s hard to find fresh vocabulary to explain why this Meridian-built system rose to the top. But it was a favorite from the moment we stepped into the car early in our auditions and remained the one to beat. The 2D Meridian mode delivered a classic audiophile soundstage, and the system was incredibly smooth and clean in its delivery; free of strain no matter how complex the music or how loud it played. Bass had a visceral quality and was extremely tuneful and satisfying, never thumpy. Every last bit of detail in piano notes, guitar plucks, horn blasts—whatever—revealed itself with sharp precision and inner texture, presented in its own space high above the dashboard.”

“All of the top four systems had that special quality that makes you want to dive into your stack of discs and pull out more and more of your favorites, just to see how they’ll fare and find whether you’ll somehow hear them anew. But, for whatever reason, the Range Rover Meridian system had a little more of that secret sauce. After the audition, I commented that any one of us would be lucky to have a system like this in our home, much less in our car. I can’t think of much higher praise.”
– Rob Sabin, Sound & Vision, Mar 2016

CNET 2013 Tech Car Winner Award

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