Land Rover Discovery Sport

Land Rover Discovery Sport

Land Rover Discovery Sport Interior

Land Rover Discovery Sport Interior

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Land Rover Discovery Sport

Land Rover Discovery Sport Interior

Land Rover Discovery Sport Rear Door Loudspeaker

Land Rover Discovery Sport Interior

Land Rover Discovery Sport

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Discovery Sport

The Discovery Sport replaces the Land Rover Freelander 2 in a revised Land Rover range of vehicles with Discovery joining Range Rover as a sub-brand. The Land Rovery Discovery Sport is the first new member of the Discovery family and was launched in September 2014.

The new Discovery Sport Surround Sound system was designed by Meridian engineers specifically for the vehicle’s unique cabin. The optional Meridian ™ 825W Surround Sound System available with the Entertainment Pack features has 17 speakers positioned throughout the cabin. Featuring 17 speakers including a subwoofer for full surround sound.

Audio System Specifications

Meridian Surround Sound System

825 Watts      17 Speakers      Trifield


  Digital Signal Processing

Digital, active DSP crossovers were designed to distribute music to each speaker giving higher overall quality, less power use, and the performance of Meridian consumer loudspeakers.


Meridian’s exclusive Trifield technology blends the centre and surround channels seamlessly with the left and right channels to deliver a consistent, concert-like experience, optimised for all seating positions.

  Meridian Cabin Correction

Meridian Cabin Correction technology optimises the audio system by measuring the acoustic time domain of the cabin and correcting the low frequency response preserving the timing and natural rhythm of a musical performance ensuring that bass notes to be reproduced cleanly.

  Digital Dither Shaping

Meridian Digital Dither Shaping is based upon psychoacoustic research to arrive at critically calculated noise shaping filters which provides an incredibly silent background to the recordings improving dynamic range and maximising musical detail.


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“Speaking of the audio system, it’s imperative to point out that the top-spec Meridian system remains one of the best in any car I’ve yet to experience. It has been tuned so exceptionally well that I’ve found myself going into the Disco Sport late at night just to listen to a new track. If you love your music, it’s a must.”
– Alborz Fallah, Car Advice, Apr 2016

“The sound system, is – and I do not exaggerate here – one of the best in any car I’ve ever tested. That includes those with seven-figure price tags.”

“It must be the Disco Sport’s smaller size and its bass heavy tendency, but whatever the case may be, I have often found myself taking the long way home just to get another track or two in. Even at near top volume, the bass and treble remain solid without distortion. Never have The Wiggles sounded so good.”
– Alborz Fallah, Car Advice, Jan 2016

“The interior itself stops short of the sort of luxury you’ll find in the Disco’s Range Rover cousins, which is to be expected because a Range Rover Sport costs almost three times the average UK salary, but it’s still a very nice place to be, with plenty of leather and heated seats as standard. Add the 17-speaker Meridian sound system our model featured, and you’re basically driving around in a high-end hi-fi that can climb mountains.”
– Will Dunn, Stuff, Dec 2014